Sunday, August 26, 2012

Youngest Patient to Undergo Sex Change Operation

A Spanish clinic recently revealed it had performed a male-to-female sex-change operation on a 16-year-old, making her the youngest patient to undergo the operation in the country’s history.
The unnamed teenager had been taking hormones to change her body since she was 15, according to doctors who treated her at Barcelona’s hospital clĂ­nico, and she had been seeing doctors and psychiatrists for even longer.
“The patient has been in treatment for nearly three years,” said the surgeon who carried out the operation.
A sex-change operation on a minor requires the approval of a Spanish court to override a law that sets the minimum age for such operations as 18. That permission was given in November by a judge after the the child’s parents had themselves made the request. The operation was carried out in December 2009.
The teenager had reportedly tried to commit suicide on several occasions. As a child she was convinced that she was really female, but had been born in the wrong body. The judge consulted many medical experts and doctors, all of whom have recommended that he be operated on … she is very happy.