Friday, October 5, 2012

"Mom, I need to be a girl" -- book on PDF

Mom, I need to be a girl

You are about to read a rare true story about a young boy who received a kind of help from his mother that some children need, but almost none receive.

Danial should have been born a girl. In these pages, you will meet Daniel's father who believes that sexual reassignment is against God. You'll follow the fencing matches with bureaucrats, and the contest of wills with councilors whose skills are so often limited to dream-obstruction and fee collection. Most importantly, you'll read how Daniel's courageous and superbly understanding mother helped Daniel to become the charming, irrepressible Danielle, despite a globe full of minor tyrants, tunnel vision functionaries, buffoons, financial opportunists, and misguided dogooders trying to prevent it.