Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am Jazz - A family in transition

Jazz summed it up so well, "For anyone out there who is transgender and they are scared stiff out of their shadows, it's OK to be different and be who you are. Just know that you are special and just be yourself."

Billie Rene: I am so impressed by Jazz and I so much recommend that everyone listen to her wonderful words of wisdom. As I listened, I recalled many things I went through at that age. We didn't know and my parents suppressed this. It is so very obvious now that I had what is called Gender Dysphoria and there was so much emotional trauma resulting from this that we didn't understand.

I've had surgery and this is the happiest time of my life. My wife stayed with me and we are doing better than ever. I wouldn't trade any day now for the lifetime I experienced previously. It is wonderful being me. It has nothing to do with sex; it has everything to do with just being me.

I've been through many technologies and I wish I could express it in more definitive terms, but I just love being me. I never understood it as clearly.