Thursday, February 26, 2015

RAISING ZAY: A family's journey with a transgender child

Zay Crawford, a 12 year-old transgender girl from Yellow Springs, received an implant that will block her puberty at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center transgender clinic.

While rare, the transgender human has always been present in the species, Conard said. "It's a normal developmental variant. In some societies, it's actually embraced. It's revered. In some Native American societies, you're two-spirited, and you're special."
"Patients tend to know what's going on and what they want," Painer said, "and their parents are like, we don't understand, help us out." For parents, Conard said, "it can be reassuring to hear that there is something medically going on, that this can be a part of normal development, that there's nothing wrong with their child."
Four in 10 transgender teens in the United States attempt suicide. Leelah Alcorn's death was a clarion call for the transgender community. This is Zay Crawford's story.