Saturday, June 25, 2016

Meet ‘H’ of St. Paul: She’s 5, she’s transgender, and this is her story

contributed by: Mara Glubka

Dave and Hannah Edwards and their daughter, Hildie, represent how it can be for trans kids. We are BORN. It is no more a choice than sexual orientation. Overwhelmingly, those who study human sexuality confirm this. Yet, we have religious objections based on random adherence to ancient patriarchal writing.
This is childish.
There was a time, not so long ago, when we punished people for being left-handed. This, because of vague references to being at God's right hand. We leftthat nonsense behind. Most people, save a few in the Middle East, no longer stone women for not being virgin brides. Most people eat shrimp and lobster. Most fathers no longer sell their daughters for livestock and most everyone thinks that slavery is wrong.
All of these are issues that we humans have come to be on the right side of despite what's in the Bible. Yet many, if not most, religious leaders cling to black and white rigid thinking about matters of sex and gender in humans. THEY ARE WRONG and they're murdering us in their wrongness and have been doing that for at least a couple thousand years. It's long past time for religious leaders to follow the lead of the vast majority of medical and mental health professionals and let us BE.
By letting us BE who we say that we are, so much suffering can be avoided later in life. There will no longer be family members who feel betrayed and when the wrong puberty is avoided, the physical markers of birth biology that we spend so much time and money to painfully erase or diminish, won't happen. Having lived in a time when I couldn't even talk about it, I know how cruel that forcing us to be other than who we are is.
I honestly would give my life to keep our young from being locked in the same closet that almost everyone from my generation and the generations before were. That can't happen. Not anymore. No more suffering because some old men can't grow up. To say that society will come undone if we accept the normal variations in human sexual orientation and gender identity/expression is ridiculous in the extreme. What will actually happen is that a small minority of fellow human beings will no longer suffer at the hands of rigid and willful ignorance.
And that's a very GOOD thing.